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Our goal is to create a unique segment on the market of legal technologies and solutions for target groups of clients, including our colleagues. We perceive ourselves as a creative laboratory implementing efficient legal technologies and solutions.

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Our goal is to create client-oriented products,
and we achieve it!

Our capital is pleased clients,
and we earn it!

Law company IM “Legal Technologies & Solutions” SRL is honored to present 3 legal products of the line “Subscription service” - «25 hours»,«50 hours» è «100 hours».


This is comprehensive legal support in the course of business ((enterprise activity) in connection with legal issues that arise in the course of business; it allows to avoid hasty decision-making, to diminish financial and commercial risks, to prevent from problems that can arise in future and solve the existent ones.

Why Is Subscription Legal Service Convenient and Advantageous?

  • a whole law company works for you solving COMPLEX issues which can be solved by legal department;
  • possibilities of a law firm in the sphere of services is much vaster;
  • consultations are provided in Russian, Romanian, English;
  • by choosing subscription legal service, you and your organization get the possibility to obtain competent legal consultations at the moment when you need them;
  • our lawyers possess experience and professional knowledge in various branches of law, have a vast judicial practice experience;
  • we do not only fulfill your orders in a qualitative and professional manner, but also suggest our own options of solving certain legal issues;
  • we do not leave for vacation, on sick leaves, do not quit for the reasons of career development and higher wages. You can be sure that your business is under permanent legal protection of our law company;
  • we guarantee confidentiality that cannot be guaranteed in case of work with in-house attorney;
  • we are liable for our actions, decisions and recommendations;
  • a whole team of professional lawyers and consultants works for you;
  • tax expenditures are optimized (according to tax legislation of the Republic of Moldova legal services are classified as expenditures subject to deduction from tax base, which means that they decrease tax burden in the part of income tax), staff maintenance expenditures are also optimized (allocation and equipment of working space, purchase and update of legal base, wages, taxes);
  • You do not bear any risks related to protection of your employees’ labor rights – you can cancel the agreement at any time, and there is no need to provide paid vacation and various facilities and benefits to your employees.

Something else .....
Let us calculate

Example of prime cost calculation of an in-house attorney’s services in a SMALL company

Company’s staff includes one lawyer. Wages = 300 US dollars per month.

Company rents an office building – 100 US dollars per one square meter per year.

On average, one lawyer occupies two square meters of rented spaces.

Annual costs are:

  1. Lawyer’s yearly wages – 3600 US dollars

“Intangible” costs:

  1. Payment for rented office space: - 200 US dollars.
  2. Furniture for working place (table, cabinet, chair): - 300 US dollars
  3. Office equipment: computer, modem: - 600 US dollars
  4. Purchase of law software: - 250 US dollars.
  5. Purchase of stationary, paper: - 150 US dollars.
  6. Proportional share for communication services, Internet – 600 US dollars per year

TOTAL “intangible” costs of one lawyer per year are: 2100 US dollars.

In other words, average monthly cost of such an employee would be 5700 US dollars / 12 = 475 US dollars.

Based on all the advantages of subscription legal service listed above, it becomes absolutely clear, that a modern organization that wishes to solve its law-related problems in a fast, qualitative and the least costly manner, should choose subscription service.

Who Needs Subscription Legal Service?

Dear colleagues – attorneys,span>

This part of our offer is addressed to you.
We do not intend to replace you in the company.
Our purpose is to attract additional resources to help the in-house attorney.

As a rule, subscription legal service is required not only by the companies, which do not have their own lawyer included in their staff or whose lawyer is overloaded with work and (or) has a narrow law specialization.

Our offer is first of all aimed at those companies which occasionally face exceptional legal problems requiring professional solutions or in case if there is no in-house lawyer, or if the manager decides to support the latter’s efforts by professional advice and solutions provided by an external consultant.

You are provided with an adviser who is a professional lawyer. Your adviser is the contact person and he/she monitors correct and timely project implementation. You can contact this person whenever you have any questions, and send requests for provision of required services. Our incoming request processing system allows us to respond to them as soon as it is necessary for the client, even if it is the same day when the request is received!


Products of the line “Subscription service” include legal services in the sphere of corporate, commercial law, as well as in other related branches of law.

1) Legal opinions on various issues related to Client’s operating entrepreneurship activity.

2) Comprehensive legal support for Client’s transactions with value up to 250 000 (two hundred fifty thousand) euro. em> This service includes legal analysis of the transaction, building up its structure, support of the transaction, elaboration of agreements that regulate the transaction, participation in negotiations, registration of transaction results.

3) Elaboration, control and support of contractual practice

4) Representation of Client’s interests at competent courts of justice. Execution of all the necessary proceedings up to the stage of final rendering of decision.

5) Tax consultations.

6) Consultations in the sphere of labor law.

7) At Client’s request. Monitoring of changes in current legislation the Republic of Moldova.


Products of the line “Subscription service” DO NOT INCLUDEâ ñåáÿ

  1. Registration services, including registration of intellectual property products, private external liabilities at the National Bank of Moldova.

  2. Comprehensive legal support of Client’s transaction for the amount greater than 250 000 (two hundred fifty thousand) euro. This service includes legal analysis of the transaction, building up its structure, support of the transaction, elaboration of agreements that regulate the transaction, participation in negotiations, registration of transaction results.

  3. Comprehensive legal support for real estate transactions.

    This service includes:
    - due diligence of the real estate object,
    - elaboration of the transaction structure,
    - elaboration of agreements that regulate the transaction,
    - participation in negotiations,
    - registration of transaction results.

  4. 4. Providing consultations that do not have legal character.

The services listed above can be provided and paid for based on individual agreements.



The basic options of subscription legal services offered by our company are:

No. ï/ï Subscription Fee (Euro) Amount of paid working hours Fee per 1 working hour (Euro) Validity of Service Agreement Notes
1. 500 25 2 0 1 year
upon the expiry of the agreement and provided that it is prolonged for the next year, 50 % of unused hours are transferred for the next period
2. 750 50 15 1 year
upon the expiry of the agreement and provided that it is prolonged for the next year, 60 % of unused hours are transferred for the next period
3. 1000 100 10 1 year
upon the expiry of the agreement and provided that it is prolonged for the next year, 70 % of unused hours are transferred for the next period

! – ! – Costs include VAT.

Please, note that the more hours are included in the service package, the smaller is their per unit cost and the greater is the number of unused hours that can be transferred for the next period.

Cost of services for each Client is determined based on chosen volume of conventional working hours of the lawyer, which the Client is entitled to use within one calendar YEAR. ÃÎÄÀ.

Working hour is a conventional unit that allows to reduce various legal services to “common denominator”. That is, one conventional hour corresponds to a certain volume of work executed by specialist measured in hours or in the amount of document turnover. Rates for particular actions such as elaboration of documents, consultations, activities “on the field”, and other services are listed in the Service Fees. There is no fixed list of services included in the subscription service package as such. This allows us to respond to any kind of request in quite a flexible manner, without imposing on you any services that you do not need in the framework of service package.

Cost of each particular action known to you in advance is just deducted from the volume of paid hours after it was executed.

From the point of view of our clients, which means from our point of view as well, this is the most flexible, just and transparent way of charging for professional services. Upon the expiry of each month your adviser provides you with a detailed report about the executed work so that you could keep track of how rational the subscription fee is spent.

Calculation of working hours spent by lawyer is done according to the established tariffs:p>

For example:

    • Oral consultations (duration of a consultation not exceeding 30 minutes a day) – free of charge. . 
    • Elaboration of written legal opinion – 3 hours. 
    • Elaboration of an agreement – 3 hours.

Thus, the cost of package chosen by you will constitute subscription service for a certain amount of conventional working hours which you are entitled to choose at your discretion during one calendar year.

Our package allows you to pay only for the work that was effectively done. You have the possibility to forecast and determine your expenditures for legal assistance independently.

In case if you have used up the provided amount of working hours, you can acquire any of the packages listed above taking into consideration your gained experience of workload allocation and choice of hours, your forecasts and our recommendations.

Please, note that conventional working hours, which were not used by you, are cancelled when the agreement expires.

! – However, provided that you prolong the agreement, 50 to 70 % of unused hours are transferred to the next period  

! – If the work is to be executed on week-ends and public holidays, coefficient 1,5 applies.

Our price formation principle is structured in such a way that our service cost does not exceed the one that you pay or would pay to your in-house lawyer or legal department.

! – Please, note that the packages we offer include services related to representation of Client’s interests at court of justice REGARDLESS OF the claim amount and terms of court proceedings. You shall pay additional fee to us (up to 7 % of the claim amount) only if you get a judgment that is positive for the Client and that came into legal effect. At that, fee value is considerably smaller than the rates usually applied by lawyers who conduct court cases (10%).


  1. Our lawyers possess a vast practical experience in providing subscription services to companies from various domains.êîìïàíèé.
  2. When using our services you pay only for that volume of works , that you face effectively.
  3. You do not have to pay monthly subscription fee.
  4. We do not impose any unsolicited services to you.
  5. Services can be provided either to the Client directly, or to natural and juridical persons indicated by him/her in the agreement.
  6. We treasure your image and reputation as well as ours.
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