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Our goal is to create a unique segment on the market of legal technologies and solutions for target groups of clients, including our colleagues. We perceive ourselves as a creative laboratory implementing efficient legal technologies and solutions.

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- Legal support for real estate transactions
Success of any investment project is determined first of all by its legally correct foundation. In this respect one peculiarity of real estate transactions is extremely high capitalization (price of the object) and existence of a wide range of risks each of which can result in large-scale losses.

- Subscription service
Law company IM «Legal Technologies & Solutions» SRL is honored to present 4 legal products of the line “Subscription service”- "25 hours", "50 hours", "100 hours" è "Five hundred 500".

- Annual Due Diligence
“Due diligence” literally means “proper care, attention”. As applied to entrepreneurship activity this notion means “overall inspection of the company’s activity, its financial condition and position on the market”.

- Establishment and optimization of activity of a legal department
Elaboration and implementation of proposals aimed at organization of work of a legal department as a structural unit of a company, optimization of department’s activity both at micro- (with internal structures) and at macro-level (with external structures), organization of a system of administration, evidence and control, enhancement of efficiency of the department and its employees, optimization of work time expenditures.

- Legal support for investment projects
“Legal Technologies & Solutions” provides a wide range of legal services at all stages of organization and implementation of investment project, starting from investment climate analysis and elaboration of the most acceptable investment scheme, it offers comprehensive legal support for all kinds of issues that arise in the course of investment project, and also implementation of the necessary actions for its finalization.
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