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The time to make correct decisions – the time of professionals

In our country, just as in any other country of the world, interest towards immigration processes not only remains at the same level, but even tends to increase. This interest is based not only on traditional social problems peculiar to states with transition economies, but also on the aspiration of successful persons to achieve professional and social self-actualization.

In the conditions of dynamically developing communication technologies, or to put it simpler, access to the necessary information, which can be unlimitedly found in Internet, as strange as it sounds, it became much more difficult for potential immigrants to gain understanding of the process as there exist numerous immigration lawyers and consultants. Therefore, reputation and status of your lawyer in this connection is a matter of principle.

Availability and volume of information about immigration services makes people undertake a very responsible and serious approach towards the choice of immigration lawyer.

First of all, it is important to mention that according to the data of Canadian Ministry of Immigration, the immigration process itself does not require that you necessarily have a representative; however, should you decide to benefit from services of a representative, you have a right to do so.

Thus, handling immigration process does not require mandatory presence of immigration lawyer or immigration consultant. You can really represent your own interests by yourself. At that, you should bear in mind that decision about the necessity of professional assistance is made by everyone individually and only taking into consideration one’s personal situation.

The information above allows us to draw at least one but crucial conclusion, - once you decide to benefit from services of a representative, please, rely on professionals. Perform a market research, verify the reputation of immigration lawyers, and make an informed decision. Do separate consultant’s services from professional lawyer’s services, i.e. services provided by those market participants who have a long-term and successful experience of specializing particularly in these kinds of services in this market sector.

Thus, we are happy to inform everyone who is interested in immigration processes about the fact that our company made an agreement according to which our company is the sole representative on the territory of the Republic of Moldova of Canadian company Green and Spiegel, one of the oldest and most respectful Canadian law companies specialized in providing immigration services. This company has been operating on the market of immigration services since 1971.

Green and Spiegel (www.gands.com) is one of Canada's oldest immigration law practices. Green and Spiegel's network of worldwide offices ensure the broadest possible access for our clients.

The firm represents many multinational corporations and medium size corporations assisting with the movement of their key personnel to and from Canada and the United States.

The staff at Green and Spiegel are fluent in excess of 20 languages and dialects, and are able to serve people of many nationalities in their own language.

The firm helps individuals who are coming to Canada, whether to immigrate, or to come to Canada temporarily to work, to study, or to visit. The firm also helps people who are appealing decisions of immigration officers, or who are facing enforcement action under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Our Toronto offices include services in real estate and corporate/commercial law, providing the full range of services for people who are relocating themselves and their businesses to Canada.

Green and Spiegel have strategic partnerships with some of the world's most experienced immigration lawyers - giving their clients access to seamless immigration services to points all over the globe.

Members of the firm have lectured extensively on immigration law to Canadian Bar Associations, the Law Society of Upper Canada , government agencies and other legal bodies. Members have also organized and participated in educational seminars abroad.

Mendel Green, Q.C. is the Founding Chairman of the Immigration Section of the Canadian Bar Association. He is the author of a report commissioned by the Federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration on the Business Immigration Program. Mr. Green is the chairperson of the Immigration Law Specialty Committee of the Law Society's Specialist Certification Program.

Stephen Green is certified as a specialist in Immigration Law by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Stephen Green is also past chairman of the Canadian Bar Association Citizenship and Immigration Section (Ontario).

Both Mendel Green and Stephen Green have been Adjunct Professors of Law at the University of Western Ontario Law School teaching immigration law.

In short, Green and Spiegel are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive service in the field of immigration to all types of clients.

Why is it beneficial for applicants to invest in professional immigration attorney services? In our opinion, there are the following reasons for that:

  • Your chances for immigration will be evaluated in a juridically correct manner and taking into consideration conformity of your personal information to various immigration categories.
  • In case if you do not satisfy the established requirements, you will be provided with qualified information about what to do in order to satisfy the selection criteria in the immigration category which is most promising for you.
  • Your documents will be prepared in full compliance with the requirements of current Canadian immigration legislation and requirements of the Canadian Embassy, which will provide you with a well-thought way of going through the immigration process and will limit the chances of unmotivated accidental refusal.
  • You will receive recommendations regarding the interview to be held at the Embassy, or you will even go through the immigration procedure without an interview.
  • In case if you get an unlawful refusal for your immigration application you have a possibility to obtain qualified assistance when protecting your infringed rights and interests in front of the immigration authorities.


Please, note additionally that compliance with all the existent requirements of immigration legislation gives you a right to apply for immigration to Canada, but it is not a guarantee of positive response to your application.

We would like to warn you against communication with some immigration consultants, many of whom are ex-immigrants who conduct this kind of business first of all based on their own success experience in immigration process. The main “advantage” of such “consultants” is “attractive” prices and “the widest” range of services, which are beyond the range of services that can be and are provided in a qualified manner by immigration lawyers. Mistakes committed by the professionals in providing assistance in the course of immigration procedure result not only in clients’ disappointment, but also undermine the image of the work performed by professional immigration lawyers.

We are happy to inform everyone who is interested in immigrating to Canada that now you a have a chance to make a correct choice of immigration lawyers and to obtain qualified assistance.

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