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Our goal is to create a unique segment on the market of legal technologies and solutions for target groups of clients, including our colleagues. We perceive ourselves as a creative laboratory implementing efficient legal technologies and solutions.

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Dear Sirs,

From August 16, 2007 law company IM „Legal Technologies & Solutions” SRL offers you to benefit from our unique remote product developed by our company for a wide range of clients.

In the framework of this product our company will send you the following documents MONTHLY by e-mail:

1) Weekly review and comments on most significant changes in current legislation of the Republic of Moldova, including law-enforcement practice.

2) Standard document that regulates standard relations between economic agents and/or consumers (agreement, contract, order, act, application, claim, complaint, announcement, etc.)


review article containing juridical analysis of a certain entrepreneurship and/or consumer issue.

3) Digest of our company and its business partners including information about current services, products, special offers and special promotions.


THE ADVANTAGES of this product include:

1) Remoteness and convenience of this service for you.

2) Possibility to obtain a legal opinion on current business activity issues.

3) Possibility to obtain standard documents which can be used both in one’s business activity and in the field of consumption.

4) Possibility to promptly receive and respond to most significant changes in current legislation of the Republic of Moldova and law-enforcement practice.

5) Possibility to find out about new products and services offered by the leaders on the market of consulting services of the Republic of Moldova.

6) No costs are incurred by the client for this service. It is provided FOR FREE.


In order for you to gain access to this product we only need your consent for receiving the aforementioned information and indication of your e-mail address. You do not have to make any agreements with our company. This service is not binding for you in any way.

While providing professional legal assistance to our clients we would be happy to offer additional legal support to your company.

At present time there are about 30 companies as subscribers of this product.


Nicolay Shadrin,

Director IM «Legal Technologies & Solutions» SRL
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